Skibotn ArcEcoGen retreat – October 2022  

 Fromm Lab members participate in the ArcEcoGen retreat at Skibotn

The Skibotn field station, Tromsø 

ArcEcoGen - The Arctic Ecosystem Genomics, which is a newly funded UiT Aurora Center based at the Arctic University Museum, organized a retreat at the Skibotn field station on the 25th – 27th of October. The Fromm lab is also a part of one of the work packages and Bastian Fromm together with PhD student Anju Hembrom also attended the event.


Members enjoying a bonfire. Group leader Bastian Fromm, second person from the right 



This 3-day brainstorming and get-to-know-each-other retreat was an amazing opportunity to discuss news and progress from the different groups, while also culminating a plan for the synthesis new work package. Among the activities was also a CV and career development session for young researcher, which was very informative about the various funding opportunities in Norway and their application processes.




Short hiking trip and discussion session on sediments of the area




Along with the stunning view around the field station during a short hiking trip up to the Skibotn Observatory, the members also had the opportunity to see a solar eclipse and the milky way during their visit. Altogether, this was an amazing experience which clearly unraveled new collaboration opportunities for the MIRevolution project with aspects of taxonomic marker development for eRNA and sedaRNA studies.