Fromm lab celebrates 150 year anniversary of the museum" /> Fromm lab celebrates 150 year anniversary of the museum" />

UMAK Day - October 2022

Fromm lab celebrates 150 year anniversary of the museum


In commemoration of marking the 150th anniversary of the Arctic University Museum of Tromsø, several events were held through the month of October, 2022. A few highlights include the dazzling light show representing evolution of species, multiple notable talks and guided tours providing insights into research being held at the museum. While in close contact with the music and arts academy the celebrations concluded with the annual UMAK faculty day on the 28th of October during which cross disciplinary discussions were held regarding sustainable approaches in everyday life at work.


PhD candidates Anju (left) and Vanessa (right) at their PechaKucha presentations 

The day also featured presentations by PhD candidates in which they described their research via Pecha Kucha format (20 slides à 20 seconds). Both PhD candidates of the Fromm Lab, Anju and Vanessa, were presenters at this event and received very positive feedback on their performance. Having an audience that consisted of those from various departments across Music, Arts and Natural and Cultural Science brought about interesting questions and topics for discussion. Some of the conclusions from the round-table sustainability development planning were those involving conscious packaging, waste management and reducing the dependence on fuel driven vehicles involved in research.