Bastian visits Malaysia & Singapore

UiT funded an exchange for new collaborations with the University of Singapore

To establish new collaborations between scientists of the University of Tromsø and the University of Singapore, UIT funded a visit to Singapore, where Dr. Fromm first attended a conference in Malaysia organized by Dr. Akbar from Malaysia with project partners from Singapore and South East Asia 

The topic of the conference was the conservation and biology of highly endangered Asian horseshoe crabs, a organism group seen as 'living fossils' which is a focus of the Fromm lab.

After the conference in Malaysia the journey continued to Singapore, where Dr. Fromm was kindly invited by Dr. Tang Qian and Prof Frank E. Rheindt to present the work of our lab.

The presentation was well received and triggered a longer discussion on the roles of microRNAs in arctic bumblebees and tropic butterflies, among other topics.

Finally, the visit was concluded by a shared application to the Singapore Conservation Impact Grant, to fund future studies and collaborations.

Big shout-out to UiT for funding this very fruitful visit and to Drs. Akbar, Qian and Rheindt for the hospitality and hosting.