One Health in Northern Communities and Ecosystems

The One Health in Northern Communities and Ecosystems project is funded by UiT and the University of the Arctic. We aim to create an online-based One Health Master course (10 ECTS) with a focus in the Arctic and SubArctic regions and their issues. Online teaching will be supported by physical gatherings of students and staff.

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The Circumpolar North is severely challenged by climate change and other threats to the lives and livelihood of their human and non-human inhabitants.

One Health (OH) is a transdisciplinary approach to improved health, recognizing the interconnection between humans, animals, plants, and their environment.

At the same time, we will develop a student network that may become a crucial platform for developing their professional careers. Such a network will also help build relationships with peers, thus improving our research capacity and ability to create funding opportunities to promote health in Northern communities in a long perspective.

This OH course and student network will be linked to other initiatives and expanded to other institutions that are not directly involved with the project.