Older adults with high utilization of somatic hospital services

– which municipal health and care services do they receive?

The project's overarching aim is to generate knowledge that can contribute to improve the cross-sectoral service provision and collaboration related to services for older adults who experience frequent hospital admissions and utilize substantial resources within the somatic specialist healthcare services.

The project comprises of three studies:

Study 1 is a PhD project for Morten Lønhaug-Næss and is based on registry data. In this study, we investigate the characteristics of high-cost older patients of specialist healthcare services, as well as the patients' utilization of municipal health and care services (including general practitioner services).  

Study 2 is a postdoctoral study by Jill-Marit Moholt and is also based on registry data. In this study, we explore the relationships between acute admissions to somatic hospitals and the use of municipal health and care services, as well as the proactive measures received by older adults with frequent hospital admissions within the municipal health services.

A central aspect of study 1 and 2 is to investigate variations in service utilization among groups of older care recipients.

Study 3 is included in the postdoctoral study. The aim of this qualitative focus group study is to explore how healthcare providers within the municipal health and care services recognize and describe older patients who are frequently admitted to somatic hospitals.


The project is affiliated to the Center for Care Research, North. Professor Cathrine Arntzen is the principal investigator of the project. Postdoctoral researcher Jill-Marit Moholt coordinates the studies related to the project. The study is funded by Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord) for the period 2020-2026.