Blue Route

From the Blue Route webpage:

The Ocean needs an integrated management of territorial seas and knowledge-based exploitation of aquatic resources to achieve most of the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Advanced training for the sustainable global exploitation of marine biological resources needs to be available to all coastal countries. The management of aquaculture activities, fisheries stock and marine protected areas should not know any frontiers and only a global approach will be succeeded in the future.

The BLUE ROUTE project aims to increase value creation and sustainable growth in the Portuguese blue economy, improving skills in marine and maritime themes through education and training at a global level. To achieve that the project intends to i) develop an advanced and interdisciplinary program to produce highly skilled international workers with the ability to create jobs and start-ups at a global scale; ii) create an open network of remote educational resources (online platform); and iii) create modern academic structures centered on blue growth in Portugal and Norway that support PhD students: curricula development, online courses, cotutelles, or simulated internships.

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