Justice in Conflict (2012-2015)

Justice in Conflict (2012-2015)

The aim of the “Justice in Conflict” project is to contribute to current debate on justice, religion, and tolerance from the perspective of normative political theory.

The Research Project "Justice in Conflict" (2012-2015)

 Relevance and overall objectives

The issues of “Justice in Conflict” have been widely discussed in the literature in recent years, and substantial progress has been made. However, there is no established consensus on the methodology regarding the principles, theories, or conceptual tools required to analyze contemporary situations causing justice conflicts. Moreover, even if consensus is achieved on core principles (e.g., liberty, equality, opportunities), there could still be disagreement regarding the relative importance of the principles themselves, and how we should proceed to help ensure and protect the values that these principles entail.

Project leader: Associate Prof. Dr. Kjersti Fjørtoft

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