Justice in Conflict (2012-2015)


Over a three year period the justice in Conflict project will arrange publication seminars, host workshops, and international conferences on all of the three research areas. These activities are expected to result in several publications in high ranking international journals . Another outcome is increased national collaboration amongst those working in the field of political philosophy and strengthening of international collaboration.



 Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs

The aim of the conference is to provide a robust forum for exploring contemporary problems of democratic deliberation and freedom of speech on a local and global level. Special emphasis will be placed on the interplay between democratic legitimacy and freedom of speech.







Recently, purely theoretical approaches on global justice have been challenged by philosophers and political theorists who defend a more practical or realistic approach to this issue. Nevertheless, the debate has been regarded either as excessively abstract with no implications on current life or as excessively restricted to the discussion about policies and institutions. In principle, both positions may be understood not as opposed to each other, but, rather, as complementary ones. However, making them compatible with one another is not an easy task, especially when moral and legal issues are taken into account simultaneously. We expect to promote a fruitful debate on the convergence between the theoretical and the practical approaches on global justice.





 Secularism, Tolerance, and Religious Minorities

Are Western liberal democracies too secular to include “the religious other”, such as religious minorities and immigrants? Must democratic debate rely on secular arguments, and, if so, does that prevent religious groups from raising their voice and speaking their minds? What are the practical and theoretical forces, limits, blind spots and problems of current conceptions of liberal tolerance? Which normative, political and analytical problems are we facing in a climate of increasing European Islamophobia and fear of Muslims? These and other questions will be discussed at this conference.



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