A-LEX: Regulating Arctic Shipping: Political, legal, technological and environmental challenges

Writing seminar, Trondheim, 11 December 2014

The objective of the writing seminar was to provide for interdisciplinary cooperation on the selected topics of "Area -based measures" and the "Polar Code", thereby answering some of the research questions of A-LEX and working towards several publications.


Environmental aspects of Arctic Shipping, Lars-Henrik Larsen, Akvaplan-niva AS

Formal representation of Maritime Regulations: Creation, Enforcement and Compliance, Marianne Hagaseth, MARINTEK

Ecosystem modelling, Silje Ramsvatn, Akvaplan-niva AS

The International Legal Framework relating to Ares-Based Measures for Merchant Shipping at the Global Level, Erik J. Molenaar, JCLOS

Legal consequences of the Use of goal-based norms in the Polar Code, Tore Henriksen, JCLOS

Polar Code Pollution prevention, Kjetil Sagerup, Akvaplan-niva AS

Technology Challenges, Tor Einar Berg og Ørjan Selvik, MARINTEK

The Arctic Council's efforts on identifying areas of ecological significance and their potential for the regulation of Merchant shipping, Ingvild U. Jakobsen, JCLOS


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