Regular Meetings

  • at UiT we meet every Thursday morning

  • we participate in monthly discussion of researchers who work on dust studies with Parker Solar Probe

  • we participate in monthly discussion of researchers who work on dust studies with Solar Orbiter

Project Updates

April 2023

  • Amalie Gjelsvik visits the Space Sciences Lab., University of California at Berkeley to work together with Dr. Andrew Poppe on dust dynamics in the Kuiper belt. This work is part of her master thesis project.

January 2023

  • Andreas Kvammen worked for one year on the project and investigated the use of machine learning tools. The paper on "Machine learning detection of dust impact signals observed by the Solar Orbiter" prepared was published in Ann. Geophys.

September 2022

  • The project “Exploring the Edges of the Solar System: Space Observations and Modeling on Dust in the Heliosphere” has been granted support from the UC Berkeley Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study. The center supports collaborative research projects between the UC Berkeley and Norway. The grant finances meetings and visits of team members at UCB and UiT. CoPIs are Prof. Stuart Bale and Dr. Andrew Poppe from UCB and Prof. Ingrid Mann from UiT. The project team includes students and researchers at all career levels. The project is granted from October 2022 to September 2024 and we intend to expand our project for future collaborations.

23 - 27 May 2022 EGU Conference

  • Project results were presented during the European Geophysical Union General Assembly meeting.

19 - 30 April 2021 EGU Conference

  • Project results were presented during the European Geophysical Union General Assembly meeting held online.

April 2021 Corotation and dust trajectories

  • We studied the influence of plasma corotation on dust trajectories and submitted the manuscript "Dynamics of nanodust in the vicinity of a stellar corona: effect of plasma corotation" by: A. Czechowski and I. Mann was submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics. 

March 2021 First dust observations with Solar Orbiter

  • First publication reporting dust observations with Solar Orbiter was submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics. The instrument was build at the Paris Observatory in France, the described work involves 25 authors from 9 different countries: First dust measurements with the Solar Orbiter Radio and Plasma Wave instrument, by: A. Zaslavsky, I. Mann, J. Soucek, A. Czechowski, D. Pisa, J. Vaverka, N. Meyer-Vernet, M. Maksimovic, E. Lorfèvre, K. Issautier, K. Rackovic Babic, S. D. Bale, M. Morooka, A. Vecchio, T. Chust, Y. Khotyaintsev, V. Krasnoselskikh, M. Kretzschmar, D. Plettemeier, M. Steller, Š. Štverák, P. Trávnícek, and A. Vaivads.

Student Internship - Spring 2021

  • Amalie Gjelsvik works as intern on the project

February 2021 Measurements near Sun help to understand dust flux near Earth

  • We published a paper where we compare observations from Parker Solar Probe with a dust collision model. A result of the work is the prediction of the sub-micrometer dust flux near Earth orbit: Dust observations from Parker Solar Probe: dust ejection from the inner Solar System. I. Mann, A. Czechowsi, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Special issue on first results from Parker Solar Probe, 2021.

Student Project Paper - Autumn 2020

  • Kassi Klepper prepared a project paper on dust observations with Parker Solar Probe

Master Thesis - June 2020

  • Emil Gorseth Henriksen submitted his Master's Thesis "Interplanetary dust fluxes observed with Parker Solar Probe" 

HelioDust presence at EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online (#shareEGU20)

26.03.2020 Seminar with colleagues from Department of Surface and Plasma Science at Charles University Prague

  • Main topics were the utilization of dust impact data from Parker Solar Probe and impact charging phenomena at low speeds. A manuscript on the latter is submitted to ANGEO and will be available for open access through Copernicus thorughout the review process.

09.02.2020 ESA and NASA launch Solar Orbiter (SolO) 

  • The objective of the mission is studying the Sun up close, taking high-resolution images of the Sun's poles for the first time, and understanding the Sun-Earth connection. HelioDust will focus on dust impacts recorded on SolO. Read more about the mission here.

15.05. - 17.05.2019 ISSI - Bern

  • Some of the members of the ISSI team have a last meeting in Bern to finalize work on a review pape prepared in the team.. Work and the discussions in the team also contribute to a number of other publications and new research collaborations. 

31.10. - 02.11.2018 ISSI - Bern

28.08. - 29.08 Focus Meeting on Nano Dust in Space and Astrophysics during the IAU General Assembly in Vienna

  • Our results are presented in a poster and an oral presentation

12.08. 2018 NASA launched Parker Solar Probe 

  • Measurements with the radio and plasma wave experiment onboard provide information on dust impacts

18.06. - 22.06. 2018 Solar Wind XV - International Meeting in Brussels 

  • Ingrid presents recent results of our group at the 15th Solar Wind Conference held in Brussels (Belgium) 

13.06. 2018 Master defense - Tromsø

  • Margaretha and Johann successfully defended their master thesis's 
  • Margaretha worked on temperatures of nanodust near the Sun other stars
  • Johann focussed on the nanodust Dynamics within the solar Wind and Stellar winds

04.06. - 08.06.2018 ISSI - Bern

01.06. 2018 Bachelor thesis - Tromsø

  • Jan Fredrik Aasmundveit submitted his bachelor thesis
  • it's topic is the sputtering and sublimation of nanodust near the Sun

09.04. - 13.04. 2018 EGU - Vienna

  • A Group of UiT Space Physics scientist travelled to Vienna for the European Geophysical Union Genral Assembly
  • Margaretha, Johann and Carsten presented posters containing HelioDust results 

26.02. - 28.02. 2018 IDP - Tokyo

  • during a trip to Japan, Carsten also participated in the Int'l Symposium on Dust &
    Parent Bodies at the Chiba Institute of Technology 

06.11. - 09.11. 2017 Steinberg Colloquium - Paris Observatory, Meudon

  • Ingrid and Carsten visited the Paris Observatory in Meudon for the Steinberg Conference
  • start of the HelioDust Project in an international environment



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