Barents Plus mobility programme

Barents Plus Educational Network

Students: please visit the universities' webpages to find a suitable study programme. You can also talk to the Barents Plus coordinator at your university (list below).

Staff: To connect to staff members working in the same academic field, get in touch with one of the institutional contacts listed below.

List of institutional Barents Plus contact persons
 Nord University, campus Bodø

 Kai-Martin Johnsen                                email:

 The University Centre in Svalbard

 Ane Hammervoll Bjørsvik              email:

Sami University of Applied Sciences Ida Holm Hansen                    email:
 UIT The Arctic University of Norway Natalia Kononova                             email:
Northern (Arctic) Federal University  Ekaterina Shiman               email:
 Northern State Medical University  Oksana Boiko                       email:
 Murmansk Arctic State University  Mikhail Uksusov           email:
 Murmansk State Technical University  Victoria Stroianovskaia         email:
 Petrozavodsk State University  Galina Parikhina      email:
Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire  Anna Efimova, email:
Syktyvkar State University

Syktyvkar Forest Institute  (branch of St. Petersburg Forest Technical University)

 Natalia Sedusova                                           email:
 Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration Lyubov Zavgorodnyaya      email: 
Ukhta State Technical University  Olga Akhtimirova         email:





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