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As a new student, you have lots of questions about where to find the resources and information you need. This checklist-based webpage helps you step-by-step on the path to becoming a new member of the UiT family.

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Why choose Narvik?

UiT The Arctic University of Norway offers many exciting studies. Below you will find the study programs at UiT in Narvik plus some links it may be good to know about.

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* International students union (ISU) Narvik

UiT in Narvik is located in the middle of the city and close to nature. The cultural offer is great, both inside and outside the student community, summer and winter. With legendary Narvikfjellet as neighbor you have wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities.

Everything is set for you to enjoy your stay as a student, with highly versatile offerings through a variety of student clubs and societies.

Something for all

Narvik students society has been active for over 60 years, and committed students ensures that there is always an exciting and varied offer that suits you. Here you will find more than 20 different student clubs, like airsoft, sports, recreation club, sound and music club, student radio, student newspaper, paintball club, games club, a fitness club, brewery club, computer club, photo club, student choir and much more.

New friends from around the world

As a new student you will be warmly greeted by the mentor scheme. During the buddy program you and your group will have your own mentors that help you become familiar with the new surroundings.

Concerts, hiking, treasure hunt, quiz, climbing and other social gatherings are just some of the activities on the program. All mentors are active students at UiT in Narvik and thus knows the conditions well.

The compact city center means that most things are within walkable distance of campus and student housing.

Narvikfjellet gives you the gondola to the top, downhill and trail biking opportunities, climbing park, mountain lift restaurant and paraglider environment, in addition to being able to offer unique freeriding opportunities for skiers and snowboarders.

The city also have an 18-hole golf park, hockey hall where 1st division team Arctic Eagles have their home arena, rich shopping centers, nightlife, restaurants and cafés, sports clubs for everything one could wish for, bowling alley, cultural center and museums.

The annual cultural festival Vinterfestuka will take place in early March, with 200 different events and more than 30 000 visitors. This makes VU one of the biggest events in Northern Norway.

Some activities in Narvik:

Vinterfestuka - VU is one of the region's biggest festivals. Held in early March every year.

Narvikfjellet - calls itself Norway's toughest playground and is an attractive leisure offer summer and winter.

Narvik cultural center - the city's active cultural center.

Narvik students society - active community with a wide variety of clubs for students at campus Narvik.

Narvik center - establishing peace through knowledge of war. Now located at hypermodern The fourth corner.

Narvik bowling center and play center - fun for both young and old.

Sporting life:

Narvik Hockey - Arctic Eagles - Northern Norway's only 1st division team in ice hockey – and with dedicated fans.

Nordkraft Arena – Want to go skating? Visit Nordkraft Arena!

FK Mjølner - football at all ages.

Hardhaus - football club with address Ankenes.

Narvik slalom club - traditional slalom club with Fagernesfjellet as "home ground".

Narvik karate club - sport for all ages.

Narvik Golf Club - recognized 18-hole course in idyllic Skjomen.

Narvik has a variety of sport and recreational offerings. At you will eventually find a list of clubs and organizations in the region. You will also find detailed information about the possibilities in the region ...


Narvik Municipality – website for Narvik Municipality

Aurora cinema, Narvik

Music in Nordland

Narvik library

Museum North, Narvik

Cafes and restaurants - see

Students with children can apply to kindergarten at one of The Arctic Student Welfare Organisations kindergartens.
More about the organisations kindergarten in Narvik here.

Student Ombudsman
Student Ombudsman is an independent aid person who provides students at UiT help and guidance in matters relating to their study situation.

Student counseling and care
If you want to talk to someone about matters not directly concerning disciplinary or administrative issues, there are separate guidance services that can help you with this.

We offer help and support to resolve personal problems that can make student life more difficult. If together we find that our help is not sufficient as the only offer, we help to arrange contact with other authorities. The offer is not a substitute for the public health system, but a supplement to meet students' special needs.

For more information:

    Health center
    University Chaplain



The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation offers both flats and houses. The houses are of various sizes and standards in different price categories. Read more about housing supply in Narvik.

Visitor and delivery address UiT in Narvik:

UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Narvik,

Lodve Langes gate 2, 8514 Narvik

Phone: 77 64 40 00 

email UiT in Narvik:

Mail adress: UiT The Arctic University of Norway

PO Box 385

8505 Narvik

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