Data cleaning

Data cleaning is an essential and time-consuming part of statistical analysis. The purpose of data cleaning is to prepare your dataset and variables for analysis, visualisation, and/or statistical modelling.

This webinar will cover best practices for organising spreadsheets and the basics of cleaning data. The purpose is to make the data “tidy”, which will dramatically speed downstream data analysis tasks, make the data machine-readable, and contribute to making the research reproducible. The webinar will cover typical errors and show concrete examples of good practice. There will be time for comments, questions, and discussion.
The webinar builds on the module “How to structure and document research data” (see information about the different webinars on

You may send in questions in advance (through a Padlet) that you want to discuss during the webinar. More information about this will be given well in advance.

The webinar is hosted by Katie Smart, Aili Sarre, and Anna Karpova.


For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal.

Illustration: Evita Lill Bergstad

When: 17.04.23 at 13.15–15.00
Where: Zoom
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students
Contact: Helene N. Andreassen
Phone: 77 64 57 35
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