Travelling to Tromsø

The easiest way is by plane. From the UK there are good connections from all London Airports with Norwegian, SAS and other airlines. Norwegian may have some direct flights from Stansted, but typically only on certain week days. SAS flies via Oslo but has good connections that make the flight fairly smooth.

From other countires in Europe there are also good connections, either through Oslo or through Copenhagen/Stockholm. Besides the Scandinavian arlines (SAS and Norwegian) Lufthansa operates a number of connections to Tromsø across Europe. Otherwise you can look up your regular booking engine (expedia, trivago etc.).

Where to stay

Tromsø has a large number of options when it comes to accommodation. Hotels are plentiful, but a number of them may be expensive. AirBnB is also a good option. Unfortunately we are not able to provide campus accommodation.

The Arctic Weather

The Fall period in the Arctic starts already in mid-august. The sun begins to set after two months of lingering above the horizon, with average temperatures being between 8 and 14 Celsius. the weather is also very shifty, and we often say that in Tormsø you can experience four seasons in one day! So keep that in mind when packing.