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Here are instructions on accessing the National Library of Norway’s digitised books. Note: Material included on a reading list at a University in Norway will no longer be available after March 22, 2023 for students and users who must apply for access.

The National Library of Norway’s electronic library provides access to digitised books, newspapers, pamphlets and journals. Other materials that have been donated to the National Library of Norway are also digitised and made available, for example private archives and letters by authors, various image archives, bibliographies, etc.

Logging in with access provides access to everything included in the electronic library, including materials labelled Can be opened only at National Library of Norway premises.

  • Academic employees at UiT have access through their regular Feide login and do not need to submit an application for access.
  • Students, administrative employees and others affiliated with UiT must submit an application for access

The National Library of Norway provides access to materials for the purpose of research and documentation. When logging in, you will therefore be asked to confirm that the access will be used for this purpose.

Once your application has been approved you will have access for 8 hours after logging in. The access will be disabled if you are inactive for 2 hours and you will need to submit a new application. You cannot download or print materials from the website. There is an access limitation of two concurrent users per book nationally and access is therefore not guaranteed. Try again later if you are unable to gain access immediately.

How to submit an application

1. Log in to the National Library of Norway website using UiT username and password (Feide) or MinID.
2. Go to the National Library of Norway’s application form page.
You will need to select which library you are requesting access from:


Access from your UiT The Arctic University of Norway library
Select “UiT Norges arktiske universitet…”
The application will be submitted to your the UiT The Arctic University of Norway library you use and you will need to come to the information desk during staffed opening hours so that library staff can approve your application. This requires you to visit the library in person, as access cannot be granted by telephone, e-mail or chat.


Access from home
Select "Nasjonalbiblioteket, Seksjon Publikumstjenesten, Veiledningen"
If you are unable to visit a library in person then you must apply for access directly from the National Library of Norway. The National Library of Norway will approve your application and send a confirmation e-mail when your access has been confirmed. Read more about National Library processing times and see contact information. (Only in Norwegian)

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