Student exchange in medicine

The Faculty of Health Sciences welcomes medical students from partner universities to spend a semester in Tromsø!

Who can apply?

In order to become a medical exchange student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, your university has to have an exchange agreement with UiT. 

We do not accept students from non- partner universities.

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Courses available for medical exchange students

Autumn semester: MED-2520 International semester

Autumn and spring semester:  Clinical rotations

Due to a limited number of places, clinical rotations are only available for exchange students from partner universities in the Nordic countries and some partner universities in Europe and South Africa.

On some occations, Praktische Jahre students from German partner universities may be accepted, depending on capacity. 

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Nordic countries

University of Copenhagen

University of Southern Denmark

Aalborg University

Aarhus University

Karolinska Institutet

University of Gothenburg

Umeå University

Lund University

Linkøping University

Uppsala University

University of Helsinki

University of Turku

University of Oulu

University of Eastern Finland

University of Tampere

University of Iceland


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

University of La Reunion

University of Padova

University of Ljubljana

University of Santiago de Compostela

Albert- Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Friedrich- Alexander Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg

Medical Universtiy of Innsbruck

Ghent University



University of Pretoria

Do you want to spend a semester abroad and study together with medical students from many different countries? Come to UiT The Arctic University of Norway!

MED-2520 International semester is the 7th semester of the Medical study program at UiT. The semester is in English and is designed to give Norwegian and international  medical students the opportunity to study together in Tromsø.

Course period

The course starts the second week of August and is completed with written exam in December. 

In addition to teaching together with Norwegian students, international students have extra clinical teaching in October when the Norwegian students are working on their thesis.

Course content 

Course description: MED-2520

MED-2520 includes the following subjects:

  • Women's health (gynecology and obstetrics)
  • Children's health (pediatrics)
  • Medical genetics
  • International health

The semester builds on knowledge in basic human biology, structure and function attained in previous courses. A anatomy, physiology, and pathophysology are also essential parts of MED-2520. The semester will also prepare the students for the practice periods and placements that will follow later in their medical studies.

The main objective of the course is to develop and consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve competence in managing common, acute and severe clinical problems encountered in general practice and in hospitals in the field of women`s and children`s health. The course will also expand the knowledge in medical genetics from previous teaching.

”Global health” covers international health in a broad perspective focusing community medicine, clinical medicine and health research. The term “global health” encompasses health- related topics that are independent of countries, social classes, ethnicity and culture. In the international semester the teaching in women´s and children´s health will also have a global perspective. The teaching will stimulate interest for medical research in the fields of global health in addition to women´s and children´s health. Collaboration with international partners in both epidemiologic and clinical research will also be developed.

UiT the Arctic University of Norway has a special agenda focusing on health conditions and health-related challenges in the arctic region.


  • Lectures
  • Case groups
  • Mentored groups
  • E- learning
  • Practical clinical teaching
  • Skills lab
  • Clinical practice and patient encounters
  • Written tasks


Three hour written exam, graded as pass/fail. 

Application deadline

April 15


The Faculty of Health Sciences has a close collaboration with the University Hospital of North Norway. Every semester, medical exhange students come to the University Hospital for clinical rotations.

All clinical rotations are organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, and students apply to UiT as regular exchange students. No place is guaranteed - it depends on the capacity in the clinics. 
Students are not allowed to contact the University Hospital to organize clinical rotations on their own. This include all the three hospitals: Tromsø, Harstad and Narvik


Due to capacity reasons, only students from the following partner universities will be given priority to attend clinical rotations:

  • Universities in the Nordic countries
  • Ghent University
  • University of Ljubljana
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Western Australia 

Praktische Jahre students from German partner universities may apply to do one of the parts of the practical year (one to four months in one department only), but places are not guaranteed. 

Application deadline

Autumn semester:  March 10

Spring semester: September 10

All applications will be handled after the application deadline.

Students can stay for one semester only!

Semester dates

Autumn semester: mid- August to mid- December

Spring semester: beginning of January to mid- June

Available courses

All students must register for one or more courses each semester to be considered an active student at UiT. Medical exchange students can choose between the following courses:

The courses have no exam, only attendance is required. 

The courses are graded as pass or fail.

Course certificate

At the end of their stay, students will get a Transcript of records for the passed course(s).

Students will also get an additional document that states which clinic(s) they have attended and the duration of the clinical rotation. There will be no documents that evaluates the students' knowledge or skills, only participation will be documented.  

Available clinics for clinical rotations 

  • Surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Anesthesiology (students must speak a Scandinavian language)
  • Pediatrics (January, May and June only)

Students participate in the daily work at the clinic. There will be no lectures/seminars/exam.

Additional information about clinical rotations

  • Clinical rotations are arranged individually for each student outside the regular medical curriculum. The number of available places depends on the capacity in the clinics.
  • Each students can only do rotations in maximum three (3) different clinics per semester.
  • Clinical rotations must take place within the semester dates.
  • We do not accept any students for clinical rotations in the summer holiday (mid- June to mid- August) or during the Christmas holiday.
  • All clinical rotations must start on a Monday. It is preferable that students speak a Scandinavian language, but English is ok for most subjects. For anesthesiology, students must speak a Scandinavian language. 
  • Please note that the language spoken at the hospital is Norwegian. The hospital staff may not be able to only speak English or translate all conversations to English, due to a hectic work environment in the clinic.
  • No place is guaranteed until the Faculty coordinator has made all the necessary arrangements with the clinics. If there are too many applicants, or no availabilty in the clinics, students may have to apply again for a later semester.
  • The University Hospital of North Norway is located in three cities: Tromsø, Harstad and Narvik. Most exchange students will do their rotations in Tromsø, but if there are many applicants, some students may be assigned a place at the hospital in Harstad or Narvik.   

Application form and learning agreement

Exchange students at UiT

How to fill out your learning agreement

In your Learning Agreement, you fill out the course code, subject and preferred start date


Course code


Start date


8 weeks surgery 

 February 1
MED-3008 4 weeks surgery, 4 weeks internal medicine 

February 1




10 weeks surgery


February 1                                     

Please make sure you fill out your Learning agreement as detailed as possible.  

Praktische Jahre students

  • On some occations, students from partner universities can apply to do part of their Praktische Jahre at UiT. Places are not guaranteed and depends on capacity in the clinics. 
  • The period must within the semester date,  four (4) months in one clinic, and in one of the semester only (not the period that starts in one semester and continues into a new semester).
  • Students must apply as regular exchange students and register for one or more of the above mentioned courses.
  • Praktische Jahre students from non- partner universities who manage to organize their practical period at one of the other hospitals in northern Norway (smaller hospitals that are not part of the University hospital) will not get any documents or signatures/stamps from UiT to confirm their stay as they are not official students at UiT.