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Holm, Petter

Teaching and research in resource management and fisheries j

Bilde av Larsen, Roger B.
Larsen, Roger B.

Lecturing and responsible for the fishries techology section of the course FSK-2020 Sustainable fisheries (given in Norwegian), giving 50% of the lectures on the course BIO-3556 Fisheris biology and harvest technology (and responsible for the course MTE-3001 Fishing vessel technology (p.t. on hold)). Co-ordinator of FSK-2020 during 2019 and 2020..

Leader of CRI Dsolve - Biodegradable plastics - Centre for the development of biodegradable plastic for marine applications - innovate fisheries and aquaculture.



Bilde av Santos, Jorge
Santos, Jorge
  • Research in Fishery Ecology
  • Teaching in Fishery ecology, management and research methods
  • Project coordinator

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