Changes to Learning Agreement (after arrival)

Please note that you are only given permission to register for the courses stated in your Learning Agreement. All changes to your original Learning Agreement have to be approved by your home university and UiT.

If you want to change courses please contact the course coordinators at the faculties for guidance and approval first. Fill in the form Changes to Learning Agreement and get it signed by the course coordinator at the faculty.

Deadlines for changes in the Learning Agreement

  • 1 February (spring semester).

  • 1 September (autumn semester).


Download your Learning Agreement

Please make sure to download the correct Learning Agreement before adding new courses:


Choose your new course

When selecting your courses, please pay attention to the course unit code and spring or autumn semester on the top menu in the online Course Catalogue. Each course unit has a course code (e.g. GEO - 3104).

How to choose courses


Check the Course Timetable

Make sure that your new course does not collide with other courses regsitered on StudentWeb.

Course Timetable


Contact the course coordinator for approval

Your changes must be approved by the course coordinators at the faculties

Course coordinators


What happens next

  • The course ccordinator at the faculty will inform the exchang coordinators at the International Cooperation Section about the changes in the Learning Agreement.
  • The exchange coordinator at the International Cooperational Section will register the new courses in your education plan on the StudentWeb.
  • The Exchange at the International Cooperational Section will inform you about the changes via email.
  • You must contact the exchange coordinator or international office at your university to have the Changes in the Learning Agreement approved.
  • Once the changes to the Learning Agreement is approved by your home university, please send it as an attached PDF-file to
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