Hansen, Elin

Science and Health Library
MH B6. 015

Sarre, Aili

Subject Librarian for Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Science and Health Library

Figenschou, Lars

Responsible for Biology, Mathematics & Statistics
Science and Health Library
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Library / Information literacy Research interests:

Before I started at the NH-library, I (among others) worked with communication, relations, signals and behaviour. That is, I tried to implement knowledge from behavioural ecology and evolutionary psychology - to optimize organizational structures and other "bottom-line" increasing areas, within various departments and divisions. This background has shown to be very useful in my current job - as a Senior academic librarian.  

My Phd project and research training focus on several aspects of flirty behaviour, reproductive biology and mate choice - in an evolutionary perspective. That is, sexual selection. At the moment I`m responsible for Biology, Geology and Fisheries-related disciplines at the NH-library. A fantastic opportunity, as I`m able to follow more than one scientific direction.

However, I`m (still) interested in the host parasite co-evolution as it may have been a significant mechanism in the maintenance and evolution of both male sexual behaviour and ornamentation. Males differ in reproductive roles, hold different social status and use various mating strategies. Thus, what traits, signals and cues are important when picky females choose mates, and how much investments should males put into i.e., sperm and sperm quality compared to immunity?

Overvåg, Grete

Head Librarian, responsible for the Health sciences
Science and Health Library

Nordström, Linnea

Team lead for Library communications
Science and Health Library

Paulsen, Elin Marianne

Senior Librarian
Science and Health Library

Dijkstra, Noortje

Senior academic librarian / Subject librarian for geosciences, physics, informatics and engineering
Science and Health Library

Strand, Edvard Johan

Science and Health Library

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