Department of Electrical Engineering

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Department of Electrical Engineering.

The department conducts education, research, and dissemination in electrical engineering.

We work in electrical power technology with the planning and operation of the power grid, electrical installations, and automation solutions. 

In the field of electrical engineering, we focus on advanced management and regulation of power electronics for the development of smart grid solutions and the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric power grid.

Electronics provide a basis for being able to, operate, program, and maintain electronics for industrial purposes. Examples of this include the construction and development of electrical circuits, programming of computers and electronics, instrumentation, and regulation of control systems.

Satellites and satellite technology are increasingly important to our social development and are used for earth observation (e.g. monitoring of human traffic or natural resources), in space resources research, meteorology, climate monitoring, navigation, communication and broadcasting.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers:

Professional education at master's and bachelor's level on several admission criteria such as pre-courses, three-semester and y-vei.

We have excellent laboratories and extensive research activities in electrical engineering and distributed generation and satellite technology (motion control of satellites and NDVs).

We also work with online teaching methods and assessment, including mathematics with engineering didactics.

Employees at Department of Electrical Engineering: