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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Mathematics is an ancient subject with roots in many cultures. The subject has developed and continues developing through steady exchange of ideas with other subjects. Mathematics is a fascinating and interesting subject on its own, but it also is a crucial tool for other subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, genomics, informatics and engineering science. In particular, the development of mathematical models connected to the use of computers is an important driving force which puts mathematics in the centre when it comes to interdisciplinary activity. Every science student has to acquire basic knowledge in mathematics at an early stage of the studies.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers education by several programs on bachelor, master- and Phd level. Some of our study programs are taught in English.

The research groups of the department are the following:

  • Algebra - Algebraic geometry, codes and matroids, homological algebra, elipic curves and number theory. 
  • Complex Systems Modeling (CoSMo) - Climate dynamics, epidemiology and ecology, Bayesian methods, stochastic and dynamical models, non-linear optics and laser physics. 
  • Geometry and Mathematical Physics - Differential geometry and Lie theory, dynamical systems, differential equations and mathematical physics.  
  • Statistics and Data Analysis – Bayesian methods, epidemiology, ecology, stochastic processes.

Employees at Department of Mathematics and Statistics: