Cyber Security Group (CSG)

The Cyber Security Research group is investigating radically different approaches to cloud infrastructures, in particular enterprise (private) clouds for search derived applications.

Description of reasearch activities

The overall iAD project competes internationally in the core systems area of computer science. Since a main activity for the Tromsø IA group is run-times for cloud computing, the group compete with the best systems groups in the world.

The group has recently built an analytic run-time outperforming the de facto industry standard Hadoop (from Yahoo), they have introduced novel features (video search integration, smooth streaming and play-out) to the cutting edge Microsoft enterprise search engine, and they are building competing data centre operating systems similar to multi-core systems from MIT and Berkeley.

The group's webpage:

The CSG group was a participant in iAD -
a Center for Research-based Innovation (SFI)




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