TriArc team at Árran Lule Sami Centre, Tysfjord

Summery of the Tysfjord meeting      (In Norwegian) 5.-8. October 2017 the TriArc team met at Árran Lule Sami Centre in Tysfjord. At the meeting we discussed several core themes of the TriArc project.

Seminar at Árran. Photo: Cathy Howlett

A core topic was the role of aquaculture in Canada and Norway in indigenous and local communities.  The team discussed fishfarming in Musken (Norway) and the Ahousaht and Broughton Archipelago cases in Canada, comparing indigenous experiences with fishfarming and regulatory environments. From Árran Lule Sami Centre we learned about that centre's project, entitled Indigenous peoples and Resource Extraction in the Arctic: Evaluating Ethical Guidelines. The TriArc researchers presented case studies (work in progress) on indigenous – extractive industry interactions. In all the case studies, a core question is how indigenous peoples can strengthen and secure their rights and participation in decision-making affecting land and resource use. The Australian case study of Coal Mining in Queensland, Australia illustrates a situation where the state has allied itself with corporations, thereby withdrawing from its public role as the guardian of indigenous and human rights. The role of traditional knowledge, knowledge integration and participatory mapping were discussed as tools to inform decision-making where traditional land use intersects with large industrial development.


Fishfarm in Musken, Tysfjord. Photo: Hans-Kristian Hernes.


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