Ongoing research

Alteren, Gro: Current research focuses on foreign companies’ strategies to develop an emerging market such as India. Marketing strategies related to product, price, place and promotion are analysed. The legitimacy approach is applied to show how networking towards agents such as bureaucrats and business people facilitate acceptance to develop the business.   

Nils Magne Larsen is currently doing research on consumers’ in-store behaviors, both in physical retail stores and online stores, and how existing retail formats are aligned with consumers’ needs and desires. Larsen is also currently involved in conducting online and in-store experiments testing the effects of various stimulus on consumers’ real behaviors in stores. The goal is to identify tactics increasing consumers’ healthy and sustainable choices at the point of purchase.  Signaling theory and the behavioral perspective model of consumer choice are among the theories and frameworks applied.

Arnesen, Sarah Lisa: There has been an over-reliance on cognitive theoretical perspectives in research on sustainable consumer behavior, which has generally failed because of a lack of attitudinal-behavioral consistency. The purpose of my first paper is to identify the attitude-action gap and explore theoretical perspectives more suited for understanding and changing unsustainable consumption behavior in the context of sustainable fashion consumption.

Bertheussen, Bernt Arne: My current research focuses on the relationships between industry-specific institutions, industry structure, and industry performance. Industries that are part of the Norwegian fishing value chain comprises my empirical context.

Young-Sook Lee researches and teaches in the field of tourism management, focused on

  • East Asian tourism
  • Cultural philosophies & nature
  • Arctic tourism
  • Tourist behavior

Kjersti Wåhlberg: My research focuses on negotiation processes and competencies in Norwegian businesses, particularly in a cross-cultural context. The aim is to discover competencies that contribute to profitable negotiations, as well as how such proficiencies might be developed. My first paper will be a literature review of the current knowledge and research in the field of cross-cultural negotiations.

Tarje Gaustad studies consumer response to company’s CSR-engagements. Currently, he is working on two CSR projects. One is under review (invited for second round of review), while the other is in a data collection phase (two experimental studies are conducted): 

Gaustad, Tarje and Jakob Utgård, "How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Price Expectations: The Moderating Effect of Price Image" (invited for resubmission to Journal of Retailing) 

Gaustad, Tarje and Jakob Utgård. "Firm Carbon Emission Reduction Strategies and Perceived Sustainability" (two experimental studies completed)

Sigurd Birk Hansen studies consumer behavior to digital marketing using artificial intelligence. He is currently researching how brands’ use of AI generated content in marketing affect consumer attitudes and emotions. In other words, how the output of generative AI tools like ChatGPT affects consumer responses.