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Tax deduction card

General information from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

If you receive wages from a Norwegian employer you are obliged to pay tax on your earnings in Norway. You must apply for a tax deduction card at the Tax Administration as soon as possible. You can book an appointment online, or drop-in.
Your national identity number or D number will appear on your tax deduction card.

Norwegian employers are required to have a tax deduction card for each employee in order to withhold tax from wages. As a general rule, you are responsible for procuring your own tax deduction card. If you have not yet obtained one, your employer is required to withhold 50 per cent of your wages.

To obtain a tax deduction card, visit a Norwegian Tax Administration Office (book appointments online, or drop-in) and do the following:

1. Produce valid identification

2. Employment contract or written confirmation of work assignments in Norway

3. Submit an application for a tax deduction card by the form RF-1209. Please read information about the procedure at

4. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA area, you must also provide documentation stating that you have the right to work in Norway

Working less than 3 days

It is possible to get an exemption from the duty to appear in person at the tax office if you are in the country for just a few days. Contact us in advance of your stay, and we can register your employment on your behalf at the tax office.

Check which taxes and duties in Norway apply. 

For persons obtaining a  Norwegian ID-number, the tax deduction card will be automatically renewed every year.

For persons with a D-number, it is necessary to apply for a renewed tax deduction card every year. This should be done in December, so that the tax deduction card is processed in time for the next calendar year. As long as the D-number is registered in the system, there is no need to apply in person. The form RF-1209 can be sent via post.

Postal address

At the post office, ask for the form “Permanent change of address for private individuals” to register your postal address. Make sure that you have Post box with your name clearly stated.

To open a bank account you need a Norwegian ID-number and an address in Norway. Some banks also accept a D-number. Usually you will have to apply for an ID-number or D-number at the Norwegian Tax Administration.
You will have to show up in person to sign the account agreement. Bring your passport, a passport photo and your Norwegian ID-/D-number. For some countries additional documentation may be required.

For UiT employees (located in Tromsø), we have an agreement with SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, that allows you to exchange your salary cheque for a Visa business prepaid card that can be used until you get your Norwegian bank account. 

There are a number of banks to choose from. Banks have different policies and the conditions for opening an account, and the cost, vary.

Banks with comprehensive, nationwide services:
Danske Bank

Other banks:
Sparebank1 - local savings bank
Skandiabanken - offers online services only (Norwegian)

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Norwegian health policy aims to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their personal finances and where they live, has access to good health and care services of equal standard.
Health care services are financed by the government, through the National Health Insurance Scheme and with patient's charges.

Health care services
As a general rule, anyone working, or residing in Norway more than 12 months is entitled to health care under the National Insurance Scheme, but coverage for services may vary:

Stays up to 90 days

Nationals of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are legally entitled to coverage for necessary medical assistance under the European Health Insurance Card scheme, and pay patient charges according to the same rules as Norwegian nationals. Citizens of non-EU/EEA coutries should have travel Insurance that covers Medical care.

If you are employed as an adjunct professor at a Norwegian institution and will be staying in Norway for one or more shorter periods during the course of a year, you are entitled to the same health care coverage as permanent residents of Norway.

Stays of 3-12 months

If you are an employee of a Norwegian institution during the period, or an adjunct professor who will be staying in Norway for one or more shorter periods during a year, you are entitled to full health care coverage in Norway.

Coverage for individuals employed by a foreign company who are planning a research stay at a Norwegian host institution is to be provided under the social security scheme of their home country or through an insurance policy. The European Health Insurance Card provides proof of coverage for EU/EEA nationals, while citizens of non-EU/EEA countries must have health insurance.

If you are not under an employment contract (in Norway or abroad) but are providing your own funding, a mobility grant or the like, you will normally not be entitled to health care coverage in Norway. You should therefore ensure that you have health insurance. You may apply for voluntary membership of the National Insurance Scheme, which may require you to pay national insurance contributions in Norway.

Stays over 12 months

You will qualify as a resident if you intend to stay in Norway for over 12 months, or choose to relocate permanently to Norway. Residents with a Norwegian national Identity number are entitled to full health care coverage under Norwegian law.

After you receive your ID number you should receive a letter from NAV with information about your assigned general practitioner ("fastlege" in Norwegian).

You may also apply for a GP by calling Fastlege phoneline on 810 59 500. 

Necessary medical assistance
Individuals with a regular GP (fastlege) in Norway are to contact their doctor first. If you are staying in Norway temporarily and do not have a GP, you can contact the Emergency Clinic if you require medical attention. Call 116117 for an appointment.
For emergencies - dial 113.

Dental services

In Norway, children under the age of 18 are entitled to free dental care from the public dental service. Young people between the ages of 19 and 20 are entitled to have 75 per cent of their dental care covered. Adults over the age of 20 must generally pay for their own dental care. Pursuant to the National Insurance Act, people with certain diseases and conditions may be entitled to subsidised dental care even after the age of 20.
More information is found at


Tuberculosis examination is mandatory for some groups of immigrants to Norway.
Norwegian law requries that all foreign nationals from countries with a high occurence of tuberculosis, who will be residing in Norway more than three months must be tested within four weeks after arrival.
The testing will be done at the Vaccination Office located in the city centre of Tromsø (Fredrik Langes gate 13, 5th floor, phone 77 79 13 96)

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The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
All employees in more than 20 % postion at UiT are members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens Pensjonskasse). The membership comprises rights to retirement pension and insurance (accidents, injuries and disability). Group life insurance is included in the salary conditions for employees who are covered by the Government's collective wages agreement. 

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)
NAV covers expenses for medical assistance, provides old-age pension benefits and other pension-related services as well as parental, sickness and unemployment benefits, among others. Everyone residing in Norway permanently or intending to stay for at least 12 months is considered a resident under the National Insurance Act and is therefore entitled to health care coverage under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. To be eligible for certain benefits, such as unemployment or parental benefits, you must have worked a specific amount of time in Norway.
Please note that resident status under the National Insurance Act is not necessarily identical to resident status as stipulated in the Taxation Act and that you may not be fully covered under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme even if you do pay tax in Norway.
There are also contractual schemes providing some kinds of coverage for employees working for a Norwegian employer. Researchers employed at universities, university colleges and a number of independent research institutes are encompassed by the Basic Collective Agreement (Hovedtariffavtalen i Staten), which includes group life and occupational injury Insurance as well as travel Insurance. The state does not insure its risk through agreements with private insurance companies, but is itself the insurer for its employees. Most Norwegians take out private insurance to cover their homes, possessions, children, pets and their own health.

 Private Insurance

Your need for private insurance and various types of coverage will depend on your social security and insurance entitlements in Norway or in your home country. Among other options is that by being member of a trade union, which is highly recommendable in Norway, you have several offers of insurances.

An overview of the different insurances you may consider is found at New in Norway

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Information about your working relationship with UiT The Arctic University of Norway, is found in the Employee Handbook and the HSE Manual. This is found in our HR Portal (you must be logged on to the UiT Intranett to access this).

The UiT uses a website for communication and storage of information for each employee. This information is only available for administrative staff working with employee personal data and for the employee him-/herself. Here you will find your pay slip, your salary class, how much tax you pay etc. This is also where you report sick leaves, apply for vacation, and register travel reimbursement forms. You have access using your UiT username and password; which you will receive as soon as you have your personal ID number, or D number. PAGAweb is found here.

Temporary guest status
Upon arrival you will be granted a temporary University ID and key card. These will be renewed as soon as you get your personal ID number. 

Oracle - The IT helpdesk at UiT
Orakelet IT helpdesk is the IT support at UiT. The helpdesk can be reached via email:, phone: 77 64 45 44, or visit them in Tromsø in House 2, on the first floor (next to the MIX kiosk). 

Information about where to park, and how to pay, is found here

TODOS - Tromsø Doctoral Students
If you are a PhD student at UiT, you are automatically a member for the doctoral student organization TODOS. TODOS arranges both academic and social events during the year. Information about TODOS is found at their homepage and on Facebook

Emergency numbers in Norway:

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulance: 113


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