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Welcome to UiT The Arctic University of Norway!

UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø pursues research and education within a multiple variety of scientific fields at the six campuses  Tromsø , Alta, Hammerfest, Harstad, Kirkenes and Narvik. There is also collaboration with the University centre in Svalbard (UNIS) situated at 78 degrees North.

As of December 31st, UiT had 3511 employees, 16747 students and about 800 PhD-students.


The UiT research and education comprises scientific work at the regional, national and international level. You will find one focus influenced by our central location in the High North, at the same time in perfect communication with the global society due to high level technology and a broad and diverse research and study portfolio. Our interdisciplinary qualities make us uniquely suited to meet the challenges of the future. 


Tromsø has more than 70.000 inhabitants and is situated at 69,7 degrees North. The city is surrounded by sea and mountains with excellent possibilities for sport and outdoor activities. Indoors you can enjoy well equipped libraries,  film, theatre, dance, music, art and museums .


At this page you will find useful information about working and living in the Northern part of Norway. 

The information is contributed to guide employees and students coming from abroad to UiT, and is divided into three parts; "Before you arrive", "Newly arrived" and "When in Norway" -  Please see the boxes on top of this page.  


Once the practical details are settled, we wish you a safe journey to Norway.

If you have any questions, please contact us via: 


or phone: +47 77 62 31 91

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UiT The Arctic University of Norway - SIS 6050 Langnes
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