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The CloudEARTH initiative (i.e., CloudEARTHi and CloudEARTH) includes a consortium from 6 European countries. The consortium is composed of 5 universities and a business partner. Click the logos to see the full team. Consortium members are:

The consortium contains two members which are KIC-partners and three members from the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS).


Alphabetical order of the family names

This page is under construction, some bios are still not in place.

Tamer Abu-Alam is an academian and researcher. He holds a Doctor of Science (2010) from Karl Franzens University (Graz University), Austria. Tamer dedicates the last 10 years of his career to learn and develop computer programs, build databases (including GIS databases), cloud computation and big data and the applications of these methods in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Moreover, he is active in the fields of Open Access and Open Science. He is the project coordinator and the PI of the CloudEARTH initiative. Personal webpage

 Abu-Alam, Tamer (UiT)  
   Alexandra Baldwin, BA MA, research assistant, lecturer and head of the Pilot Center for User and Consumer Research at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. Alexandra studied languages at the California State University, Sacramento and the Sorbonne, Paris. She completed her Master's degree in Applied Knowledge Management at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. In addition, she completed a research stay at the Université de la Nouvelle Calédonie in the South Pacific, where she investigated the organisational challenges surrounding the introduction of the Moodle learning platform. She is currently deepening her focus on organisational learning and knowledge transfer as a doctoral student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. She has several years of EU-project experience and manages projects surrounding the introduction of students to academic work in cooperation with the University of Economics and Business Administration in Prague (VSE) and served as a guest lecturer at various institutions.
Baldwin, Alexandra (UAS-B)  
Bekov, Emilian (TU-Varna)  
Bloshchinska, Olga (UoA)  
Ernst, Johannes (UAS-B)  
Ettl-Huber, Silvia (UAS-B)  
Ganchev, Todor (TU-Varna)  

Marián has over 20 years of business experience, having worked in marketing, product and strategy roles with fast-growing technology businesses in Europe and the United States. He helped build Startup Grind, the world's largest organisation for entrepreneurs, based in 125 countries. In 2015 he co-founded Braintrust, an influential think-tank of top technology Founders/CEOs from Central & Eastern Europe. In 2017 he co-founded IPM Growth, a venture capital company that invests in high-growth companies from Central and Eastern Europe with world-class technologies. Marián is the co-founder of G-Force, a global pre/seed investment and acceleration programme investing in promising climate-tech and green-tech companies.

Gazdík, Marián (G-Force)  
Hanreich, Gernot (UAS-B)  

Vera Helene Hausner is professor in Sustainability Science and is in charge of the Arctic Sustainability Lab at UiT. The lab combines big environmental data and citizen engagement to analyze environmental change and to identify pathways for sustainable development. Hausner is responsible for teaching sustainability science and ecosystem-based management at MSc and PhD level. She is also responsible for a course in Environment & Sustainability (10ECTS) targeted towards business leaders in a new online program offered by the business school at UiT.

Hausner, Vera Helene (UiT)  
Heschl, Christian (UAS-B)  
Ilieve, Galina (TU-Varna)  
Iskasen, Robert (UiT)  

Charlotte leads the development of new commercial opportunities associated with social responsibility and sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. She has more than 15 years of experience designing and delivering sustainability projects to inform policy and business sector strategies, having previously worked in research and strategy consultancy and in research management for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Charlotte has an MSc in Environmental Technology (Business & Sustainability) from Imperial College London.

Lee-Woolf, Charlotte (UoE)  
Lesidrenska, Svetlana (TU-Varna)  
Lopez, Noelia (UoA)  
Madeleine, Carolina (UoA)  
Marinov, Angel (TU-Varna)  
Markova, Valentina (TU-Varna)  
Obiajulu Odu is a senior software engineer/developer at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Odu holds a BSc Civil Engineering and MSc in Computer Science. He has many years’ experience working on open science infrastructures; institutional repositories, research data and journal publishing platforms. He is an advocate of open source and open access. Obiajulu is contributing to the CloudEARTH project by developing databases and different codes to communicate with these databases.
Odu, Obiajulu (UiT)   
Sanniu, Veronica (UoE)  
Sedlak, Michael (UAS-B)  
  Lucy is a circular economy and carbon specialist. She works on circular economy innovation at the University of Edinburgh, facilitating engagement between academia and industry. She has a Masters degree in Carbon Management and is Chair of the leading Scottish charity, 2050 Climate Group.
Stanfield, Lucy (UoE)  
Stutterecker, Werner (UAS-B)  

Katarína holds a double-degree in Masters in International Management and has 6 years of experience in the telco business. She has previously been involved in strategy development projects and product management at O2 Slovakia.

Katarína now leads the programme coordination at G-Force and she is responsible for the implementation of the CloudEARTHi project.

Šuchová, Katarína (G-Force)  
Tayler, Amy (UoE)  
Waugh, Charlotte (UoE)  
Yoccoz, Nigel (UiT)  

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