Retrofit technology for ships - making marine transport industry more eco-friendly

The HyEkoTank project, co-funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe Innovation Actions programme, aims to develop a technology solution to retrofit a marine container vessel with a 2.4MW fuel cell system. The proposed system will provide containerised 350 bar compressed hydrogen storage with 4000kg capacity with type approval to perform hydrogen refuelling by swapping of containers using cranes. The project aims is to achieve system maturity of TRL8 by the end of the project. The technology will be suitable to retrofit a wide range of sea-going and inland waterway vessels.

The project accelerates the ability of waterborne transport to achieve climate neutrality though retrofit modifications to existing fleets.

The solution will create a cost-effective, scalable solution for retrofitting large ships with MW-scale PEMFC power generators and hydrogen fuel storage.

Project Start: 01.02.2023

Project End: 31.01.2026