Opp does not collect personal information or sensitive data about the app's users. The app does not require access to GPS, the camera, the contact list, or any other personal data. Opp was developed by the Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and is funded by the DAM Foundation through the Council for Mental Health.

Data collected when downloading the app:


Type of device the app is installed on (mobile phone or tablet)

Mobile make and model (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S10)

Operating system (Android/iOS)

Country where the device is used

Opp will send the collected data as described above to Google Play Services. UiT and the data processor have access to the collected data, but this data cannot be linked to individual app users, either by IP address, user account, or any other means.


UiT and the data processor are used for the following purposes:


To facilitate the app

To distribute the app

To provide app-related services

To help analyze how the app is used

However, UiT and the data processor are committed not to disclose or use the information for other purposes.


Link to third-party services' privacy policies used in the app:


Google Play Services (