Welcome to the Traveling Post-Corona blog!

Text: Tarja Salmela

Welcome to the Traveling Post-Corona blog!

Our research team is working with various takes on the futures of travel after the global covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to use multidisciplinary openings to contribute to the rebuilding of a sustainable, knowledge-driven tourism industry in the north.

This requires criticality and re-evaluation of the current, dominating values driving tourism as an industry. It also requires openness to the ways future travelers conceive tourism: a capacity to identify new, emerging trends and travel behaviors that can contribute to more sustainable futures of tourism.

The question of the end of the pandemic is still floating in the air. In this blog we will share insights of our ongoing work which is entangled with the uncertainties of the future. We will also give the stage to those students of Tourism and northern studies in UiT that are engaged with the project, each with their unique way.  

We welcome you warmly to take part in this journey through our blog!