Perspectives on COVID-19 in Sami communities in Norway

This project aims to fill the information gap about how the Sami population in Norway has experienced and coped with the pandemic and infection control measures, and if Sami municipalities have implemented different policies or strategies regarding the pandemic. The study is performed by the Centre for Sami Health Research (CSHR).

Project details

Status: Ongoing

Completion date: 2023

Supported by: The Arctic Council, Sustainable Development Working Group (SWDG), The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Saami Council

The project is initiated by the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council, and this Norwegian Sami study is part of the circumpolar project Arctic community perspectives on COVID-19 and public health: A Multi-Site Case Study.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges the public services at all levels and has raised concerns of ethnic and geographic discrimination, health equity and the balance between public health imperatives versus individual rights. There have been different policies and measures in the different national states where Arctic people live, and research is needed to fully understand the implications of COVID-19 in the Arctic.

This project will involve Sami user participation to identify local knowledge and explore COVID-19 experiences and coping strategies in the Sami population and in Sami society.

A sthetoscope wrapped in a Sami belt
Photo: Elise Marie Nilssen-Broderstad


Ann Ragnhild Broderstad
Principal investigator
Mobile: (+47) 95 97 05 59

Gunnhild Skjold
Project coordinator
Phone: (+47) 77 64 62 90