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Strategic Planning for Water Resources, Development and Implementation of Novel Biotechnical Treatment Solutions and Good Practices





The India-EU Water Partnership (IEWP) is an outcome of the ‘Joint Declaration on Water’ adopted by India and the EU on 30 March 2016 during the 13th EU-India Summit in Brussels, to enhance cooperation on water issues, including ‘Clean Ganga’ programme of the Government of India.

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EU-India Water Projects

  •  INDIA-H2O: bio-mimetic and phyto-technologies designed for low-cost purification and recycling of water.
  • LOTUS: Low-cost innovative technology for water quality monitoring and water resources management for urban and rural water systems in India.
  • PANI WATER: Photo-irradiation and adsorption based novel innovations for water-treatment.
  • PAVITR: Potential and validation of sustainable natural & advance technologies for water & wastewater treatment, monitoring and safe water reuse in India.
  • PAVITRA GANGA: Unlocking wastewater treatment, water re-use and resource recovery opportunities for urban and peri-urban areas in India.
  • SARASWATI 2.0: Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India.
  • SPRING: Strategic planning for water resources and implementation of novel biotechnical treatment solutions and good practices.