VirtualStain is an ambitious project that could have a far-reaching impact on the way we analyse and interpret tissue- and cell-images. This large, collaborative effort, involving four departments from three different faculties, is part of the UiT Tematiske satsninger, a funding program intended to encourage innovative interdepartmental and interdisciplinary projects.

VirtualStain will develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools to process, label and analyse microscopy and nanoscopy images of tissues and cells. This will make the time-consuming task of chemically staining (with noxious chemicals) such images obsolete. Applying AI to such a task will also enable researcher to image and label living tissues and cells, and follow them in real-time. New insights provided on tissue and cell function through these enhanced labelling and monitoring processes will allow for the development of complex and dynamic AI models of tissue and cells systems for use in medical research.

VirtualStain is led by professor Alexander Horsch at the Department of Computer Sciences. Dilip Prasad, also from the Department of Computer Sciences serves as deputy project manager.

The project includes the following collaborating departments: