Faculty of Health Sciences

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The Faculty of Health Sciences conducts research, educates students and shares its research results in almost every area of health science. The northern regions are of great importance to us.

The Arctic University of Norway is the world’s northernmost university and is the largest research and educational institute in northern Scandinavia. The university is involved internationally in research and teaching as well as in solidarity work. We recognise the importance of sound and practical educational experiences, both for the benefit of our students and to meet our society’s educational and research needs. UiT the Arctic University of Norway conducts research and offers academic programmes in pharmaceutical studies, nursing, clinical medicine, clinical dentistry, medical biology, psychology, community medicine and paediatric and adolescent mental health.

Employees at Faculty of Health Sciences:



Helsefaks sommerfest 2023

12. juni     13:15     Store Auditorium, plan 6, MH-øst     Digital, Tromsø    

Invitasjon til avslutning for masterkandidatene ved Institutt for helse- og omsorgsfag 2023

14. juni     12:00     Aud Cerebrum MH2, U.08.316     Tromsø    

Avslutning for avgangsstudentene ved sykepleierutdanningen campus Tromsø 2023

15. juni     12:00     Lysgården MH1     Tromsø    

Disputas- master i helsefag Marianne Sivertsen

15. juni     12:15     Nordlandssykehuset i Bodø, auditorium 9 etasje somatikk, sentrum     Digital, Bodø