Public outreach

We use science communication to inform, educate, and raise awareness of facts and scientific evidence. Directly or indirectly, this information helps promote effective collaboration, networking, and public engagement on issues related to marine ecosystem protection.

This page showcases some examples of our work as science communicators, from our faculty members and PhD students. The goal is to go beyond a belief system by testing hypotheses and providing facts.

In books

Winter whales (Audun Rikardsen)


God morgen Norge (Audun Rikardsen)

In the media

NRK Barents Sea whale tracking (Audun Rikardsen)

UiT humpback whale song (Sofia Aniceto)

UiT Why does the humpback whale migrate (Audun Rikardsen)

NRK killer whale scarers (Audun Rikardsen and Evert Mul)

NRK humpback whale 300 days (Audun Rikardsen)

Fram forum monitoring whales with drones (Sofia Aniceto)

iTromsø sperm whale tagging (Audun Rikardsen)

fiskeribladet whale strandings (Sofia Aniceto)

NRK humpback whale song (Sofia Aniceto and MSc)