We are very proud of the students that have come our way. If you are interested in one of the topics we are studying, you're welcome to contact us. 

Here is a list of students, their work, and their publications.

Current students

Lisa Kettemer (PhD, 2019-ongoing)

Lisa PhD work focuses on migration ecology of humpback whales in the North Atlantic using satellite tracking. 

Lisa's publications

Stine Skalmerud (MSc, 2020-ongoing)

Stine is doing her masters degree on humpback whale diving and movement behaviour in the Barents Sea from biologgers. Her focus is on diving behaviour from suction cup tags.

Linn Åsvestad (MSc, 2021-ongoing)

Linn works  on marine mammal acoustics and interaction with Antarctic krill fisheries.

Ingvild Ytterhus Utengen (MSc, 2020-ongoing)

Ingvild works on humpback whale searching behaviour during feeding. Her focus is on whale occurrence in the Norwegian coast, during the overwintering period of the Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring.

Katherine Dunning (MSc, 2020-ongoing)

Kathrine is investigating the marine soundscape of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Rita Leitão (BSc, 2022)

Rita is an Erasmus student from the University of Algarve (Portugal), working on passive acoustic data from the LoVe Ocean Observatory. She is investigating variations in humpback whale song and possible diel relationships. 

Mariana Carvalho (BSc, 2022)

Mariana is also a student from the University of Algarve (Portugal), working on the fin whale song from LoVe Ocean. She  is assessing vocal behaviour in relation to oceanographic features of the region.

Guilherme Carreira (BSc, 2022)

Guilherme is an Erasmus student from Portugal. He is working on non-song vocalizations of humpback and fin whales and investigating possible behavioral associations.

Previous students

Evert Mul (PhD, finished in 2020)

Evert's PhD project focused on killer whale movement around fishing vessels using suction cup tags. He assessed how the whales move around the vessels and how tag positioning can affect data collection.

Evert's publications

Theresia Ramm

Theresia worked on the humpback whale photo-ID catalogue. She matched sightings between the Barents Sea and the fjords of northern Norway and looked into the connectivity and seasonality of the feeding season.

Theresia's thesis

Emma Vogel (MSc, finished in 2020)

Emma has worked on killer whale foraging and distribution in offshore areas in relation to herring biomass. She used satellite tags to discover that the whales continue to follow the Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring over long distances from coastal to offshore regions.

Emma's publications

Meghan Van Ruiten (MSc, finished in 2021)

Meghan identified killer whale spatial movement patterns  from satellite tag data. She identified movement states and assessed how these were sequentially related.

Meghan's publications

Samuel Martínez Llobet (MSc, finished in 2020)

Samuel did his master thesis on the seasonal differences in vocal patterns of bearded seals in Svalbard (Norway).

Samuel's publications

Saskia Cathrin Martin (MSc, finished in 2021)

Saskia did her master thesis on humpback whale song occurrence in Northern Norway. 


Victoria Eggen (BSc, 2021)

Victoria is working on a bachelour project, studying the different call identities of whale sounds. She will produce a catalogue of whale sounds that may be used in future studies to assist in species identification.

Karina Weiler (MSc, 2021)

Karina is doing a small research project on testing the acoustic niche hypothesis. She is using LoVe Ocean acoustic files to test the frequency spectrum occupancy of different species and identify how they relate to one another.