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Writing exams Norsk flagg

Are you writing an exam or an assignment? Here are some useful tips for and links for writing.

When you are writing an assignment, the library can provide you with academic literature and literature from your reading list. We provide easy access to a plethora of electronic resources, such as ebooks, ejournals, and academic databases. We also offer reading areas and group rooms.

Watch a short video about our web page and the services we offer:


Help with searches

Are you unsure about how to search for literature? We recommend watching the following brief introductory videos on YouTube:
• Find a book
• Find a journal article
• Search by topic

Please contact us if you need any help

How do I access material at The National Library of Norway?
The National Library of Norway’s electronic library provides access to digitised books, newspapers, pamphlets and journals. Read more on how to apply for access resources at the National Library here. Contact the library staff for approval of your application.

Where can I find assignment templates?
Here are Word templates for writing assingments, Master's theses or doctoral theses.

How do I cite my references?
Check out these guides to referencing styles on how to cite and write your bibliography.

Can I get guidance and feedback on my assignments?
The UiT Writing Center offers guidance in your academic writing process. This is an offer to all the students at UiT on all campuses and is free of charge.
They host Writing evenings at several campuses - se event on Tavla:  Alta, Narvik, Harstad, Tromsø.

What are the best ways to study?
Here you can find videos explaining the principles of how best to learn (available in Norwegian only) from a study perspective, as well as suggestions for specific learning strategies and study techniques based on these.

Ask us for help and guidance
We are experts in literature searches and would be happy to help you. If there is anything you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to get in touch with staff at one of our information desks. We are here to help!

Please contact the subject librarian for your subject if you have questions relating to your subject area.

Good luck on your exam!

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