Project applications

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What, why and how

Systematic searches - mapping

This is about obtaining an overview of existing research literature within the field. This is a key element of most applications for research funding and the work may be both extensive and demanding. Individual researchers and research groups can request help from the university library with systematic mapping of research literature.

Data management plan (DMP)

This is a plan for how to collect and manage data and is required for most project applications. The University Library can help you create a data management plan that will meet the requirements set down by your research funder and, perhaps more importantly, will make it easier for you to keep an overview of your project. Examples of data management plans can be found here.

Archiving of result data

This involves archiving research data in a prudent manner and for a long period of time. Research funders generally require the data resulting from research projects they have (co)financed to be archived using suitable archives. There are a number of archive services available for research data. Read more about archive services for research data.

Quality assurance of publishing plan

Project applications

Project applications usually include a plan for how the results will be published. Publishing is often required to be open access. Individual researchers and research groups can request help from the UL to quality-assure that the publication plan meets the requirements of the relevant funder(s).

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