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Archiving and publishing

Research funders nowadays often require that research data produced in the projects they fund are managed and archived in a responsible way, and, if possible, are shared openly. Scientific journals also often require that data presented in a paper are made available. 

UiT supports the Research Council of Norway, the EU, and the Ministry of Education and Research's explicit objectives and regulations for research data management - "Open as standard" and "As open as possible, as closed as necessary."

"The researcher must make research data readily available for further use to all relevant users, unless there are legal, ethical, security, or commercial considerations to do otherwise. Data must be archived, either at your institution or in other relevant and reliable archives, to ensure that UiT has continuing access to the data." - Principles and guidelines for the management of research data at UiT.

Research data must be made available as soon as possible. That is, at the time of the article's publication or the project's completion.


Archive services

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Updated: 15.12.2023, updated by: Huw Robert Grange
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