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It is important to pay close attention to detail when entering references in academic texts. This work can therefore be time-consuming, particularly if you are writing a longer text and/or using many sources. In order to make this work easier, it may be advantageous to use software designed to import and edit references in text documents. There are a number of different reference management tools available. The University Library currently offers training courses and support in EndNote.


In the EndNote program, you can create a library to save and organise all your references. References can be added manually, or you can import them from electronic databases such as Oria, MEDLINE, or Web of Science. You can also save PDF files in your EndNote library, for example scientific articles, ebook chapters, and electronic newspaper articles you have downloaded.

The references you have saved in EndNote can be added to the text of a Word document using the Cite While You Write feature. When adding a source reference to the text, the full reference will automatically be added to the reference list at the end of the document, ensuring a one-to-one relationship between in-text citations and references in the reference list.

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BibTeX is free and available to LaTex users. Some databases, including Web of Science, allow you to export references to BibTeX, although many do not support BibTeX. One solution could be to import references from external databases to EndNote and then export from EndNote to BibTeX. This can be done by launching the EndNote reference library, clicking on Export and Select Another Style under Output Style and selecting BibTeX Export. Remember to add .bib to the file name when saving the file. The citation key for BiBTeX (\cite{citation key}) can be found in the Label field in EndNote. You can also add a citation key to the .bib file after exporting from EndNote.

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Mendeley is a free reference tool that allows you to share references and articles with other users. Mendeley is compatible with MS Word, LibreOffice and BibTeX.

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Zotero is a free reference tool based on open-source code for the collection, citation, and management of references. Unlike EndNote, Zotero interacts with the browser and a Zotero icon will appear in the URL bar of websites that support Zotero. If you click on the icon, the website will be added as a reference in your Zotero library. You can also add different types of files to Zotero: PDF, images, audio files, video files, website screenshots, etc. Zotero is free for up to 300 MB of storage. Research projects/groups can create Zotero Groups via the University Library and will thereby have access to the Arctic University of Norway’s storage quota with Zotero. Contact us via Zotero is compatible with MS Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs.

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