Publishing agreement for UiT open research archive

Publishing agreement for UiT open research archive Norsk flagg

The University has decided that master theses should be freely available in Munin, see §33 in the University's examination regulation ("Forskrift for eksamener ved Universitetet i Tromsø"). You may reserve the right to hold your thesis back from Munin for a limited time or forever.

Any master thesis is to be considered a public document. If you want to restrict access to your thesis in any possible way, then you need to apply for this. Please contact your faculty administration for more information.

In order to include your document in Munin, some legal and ethical conditions must be fulfilled. The author, together with the institution, is responsible for the content of the document. The thesis cannot contain:

  • Personal or confidential information on named individuals or individuals that are easy to identify.
  • Information that was given to you from individuals where you made a declaration of non-disclosure of confidential information.
  • Confidential information from a public administration.
  • Material or information that is protected by copyright, and for which the copyright holder has not consented in the use of the material in an electronic version of your document.

Documents made public in Munin are regulated by Norwegian law (Lov om opphavsrett til åndsverk m.v. - Åndsverkloven). This item is made public in Munin, licensed under "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International".

If the item consists of two or more seperate documents, e.g. doctoral theses with articles, this license only accounts for those documents not already governed by license.

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