Bilde av Hopmann, Karen
Photo: Bjørn-Kåre Iversen

Karen Hopmann

Assistant professor/ PhD candidate

Job description

Karen Hopmann is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition to teaching responsibilities in neuropsychology, she is a PhD candidate in the project Neuropsychological function, childhood trauma, and vulnerability to depression - A 25-year follow-up study. Her research focuses on the long-term effects of depression on neuropsychological functioning, as well as the assessment of childhood traumas and their impact on depression and neurocognition.

Member of the Research Group for Clinical Psychology.

Work areas

Training / Teaching

  • Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang, Yngvild Arnesen, Elisabeth Ovanger Barrett, Agnes Bohne, Karen Hopmann, Ragnhild Sørensen Høifødt et al.:
    Derfor har tiltakene skapt lidelser for barn og unge
    Morgenbladet 2021

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    Research interests

    1) Neuropsychological function, childhood trauma and vulnerability to depression - A 25-year follow-up study (PhD candidate)

    2) ADHD in women (FemmExD project): Mental health and neuropsychological functioning in women with ADHD (collaborator)

    3) Suicide prevention (Vivat coursleader + supervision students' theses)



    PSY-2801: Clinical neuropsychology (10 ECTS)

    • administration of neuropsychological tests
    • follow-up students during neurpsychological practice
    • training in psychometrics

    PSY-1604: Profesjonsforberende emne II (5 ECTS)

    • administration of "testpraksis"
    • training in WAIS-IV
    • training in psychometrics
    • practice and supervision


    Academic Background:

    2010: Bachelor's Degree in Biological Psychology (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

    2012: M.Sc. in Neuropsychology (Maastricht University, Netherlands). Title of Master's thesis: "Spatial Cognition of Emotional Faces – How fast is our brain?"

    2013: Master's Degree in Psychology (UiT - The Arctic University of Norway). Title of Master's thesis: "Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Students High in Autistic Traits – An EMG Study"

    2013-2017: Advisor at the Internclinic, Department of Psychology, UiT

    2017-present: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UiT

    2022-present: PhD-candidate in the project "Neuropsychological function, childhood trauma, and vulnerability to depression - A 25-year follow-up study"



    PSY-2801 Clinical Neuropsychology (10 ECTS)

    PSY-1604 Professional Preparation Course II (5 ECTS)