For partners: nomination of inbound exchange and traineeship students

Nomination procedures

The nominations will open on 15 March. The deadline for the upcoming nominations: 15 April for the autumn semester in 2021 / deadline for uploading required documents for application (nominated students): 15 April 2021
Courses for the autumn semester will be published on 15 March 2021

The deadline for nominations and applications for Spring 2021 was 15 October. Due to limited capacity in housing and module courses, we will are not able to accept late nominations.

The International Cooperation Section (Erasmus Code: N TROMS001) at UiT handles applications for inbound exchange, traineeship and placement students in collaboration with our various faculties at our various campuses.  We accept students through the following exchange programmes: Erasmus + , Nordlys, Arkhangelsk, North2North , BarentsPlus , Fellowship Programme for Studies in the High North , Bilateral agreements , EEA/Norway Grants and Russian-Norwegian partnership programme (RUSSUT)

Exchange students are expected to:

  • be nominated by the international mobility coordinator at their home university
  • have completed at least one year of university studies
  • have a good command of English, B1
  • be nominated within the deadlines

Erasmus+ Placements/Internship from UiT partner universities: students must apply within the same deadline as regular exchange students. Please note: exchange students must be physically onsite and actively participate in courses. Application for online courses does not entitle the student for exchange status.


Requesting access to the Nomination Web (First-time users)

To request access to UiT Nomination Web, please send an email containing the name of the nominator (outgoing mobility), email of the nominator, the name/type of the agreement between your institution and UiT to:


Log in to the Nomination WebChoose institution: UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Username: your username is your e-mail address.
Password: to log in the first time you must request a password via "No password?". Enter your "E-mail address" and click on "Send password".
Nomination Web


Choose relevant agreement

After logging in, you will see the "Available agreements and admissions" your institution has with the UiT (the agreements that are registered on your username).

1- Select the relevant "Active agreements" from the list
2- Click on the button “Add new nomination” to nominate your student on the "Exchange agreement".
3- Register your student (see Step #4)


Register nominated studentsPlease ensure you enter the correct data in all fields:
Student's Email address (please infrom your student that important information will be sent to this Email from UiT). First name/Family name (as it appears in the student's passport). Gender Date of birth (as it appears in the student's passport) Citizenship Language (always choose ENGLISH) Correct term (semester(s) for admission) and click on " Add nomination" to save the data


How to cancel a nomination?If you wish to cancel the nomination of the student, no e-mail will be sent if you cancel by clicking on the delete button (the gray cross button next to "Documents and details" and below "Action") within 30 minutes.
Please note: that the data you have entered about the student cannot be edited once it has been saved by clicking on the "Add nomination" button on the page "New nomination". If you typed incorrect data, you must delete the nomination using the delete button (the gray cross button) and then click “Add New Nomination” to start the process again.


Upload relevant documentsYou can upload documents by clicking on "Documents and details" and "Document" in the next page "Details for name of the nominated student".
Please note: we encourage partners to assist the nominated student with uploading relevant documents in the nomination process, but the student should be also encouraged to upload the documents by herself or himself when applying. This can ensure that the student will be familiarized with UiT systems and integrated smoothly during the enrolement/registration process after arrival to Norway.
Required documents


Adding more studentsComplete Steps #2, #3 and #4 for each student your institution is nominating to UiT. Once you have nominated all your students, you can see the list of students you have nominated, and their status on the webpage "Exchange agreement". You will also see the "Personal information" for each student you have nominated, by clicking on the button "Documents and details".
Please note: you may log in again later to upload more documents and to check the application status of your nominated students.


After nominationAfter approximately 30 minutes, the system will send a confirmation e-mail to:
1- the nominated student's e-mail address: the student will receive an email from the UiT confirming that they have been nominated by your institution. He or she will be given further instructions on how to complete their application and access UiT online Application Web service (SøknadsWeb) and 2- a copy of the confirmation to you.


You have finished your nomination, what's next?you can keep track of each student's status by logging in on the online nomination service any time. On the “Available agreements and admission” webpage, you can see all relevant agreements and the application status of your nominated students (as in nominated, applied, admission granted, withdrawn etc.). You may also upload further documents for each student.

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