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Core Facility for Biobank - UiT

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Core Facility for Biobank - UiT was established in 2017. We are responsible for long term storage, management, and distribution of human biological material such as blood, tissue, urine, and saliva, collected through population studies and research projects where UiT is the responsible research institution. We can also offer services to external users.

The biobank has a storage area of approximately 440 square meters. This area contains more than 100 chest freezers, including about 90 ultra-freezers that maintain a temperature of -70°C, as well as dedicated laboratory facilities. The capacity includes several emergency freezers that can be rented as needed. We are currently in a modernization and expansion phase and will significantly increase the capacity of the biobank in a few years with an automated storage unit.

The biobank is operated in accordance with Norwegian legislation, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in line with "Best Practice for Norwegian Biobanks". To ensure the quality and traceability of the stored biological material, standardized procedures have been established for all aspects of receiving, storing, and distributing biological material. The procedures include infrastructure (operation of storage facilities, access control, , IT systems, monitoring and emergency preparedness), HSE (procedures, measures), and quality management (training, information security, maintenance, and deviation management). The biobank has 24-hour temperature surveillance and logging, and on-call staff.

The IT solution EUTRO constitutes the biobank's IT infrastructure for management and tracking of the biological material. EUTRO has an overview of all available biological material with associated documentation across studies/sample collections. Each individual sample is thoroughly described, making it possible to perform detailed searches for relevant samples for distribution. EUTRO also contains tracking history, including storage location, distribution, returns, analyses performed and registration of deviations.

The material in the biobank is used, among other things, to research risk factors and biomarkers related to health, lifestyle, and disease. The various research projects and population surveys that have material in the Core Facility for Biobank are responsible for establishing research collaborations and giving permission to use the material in accordance with their own guidelines. Read more about the studies under the "Sample Collection and Users" tab.

Biobanken ved UiT: Vil automatisere vitenskapelig skattkammer

Tidligere har nesten to millioner biologiske prøver blitt registrert manuelt. Nå tar biobanken ved UiT første steg mot automatisering – og SAMINOR 3 undersøkelsen er først ut.


UiTs skattkammer får millioner fra Forskningsrådet

Tildelinga vil bidra til å løse ei stor utfordring for Helsefak og UiT, nemlig manglende fysisk lagringskapasitet i biobanken.


Tryggare og betre infrastruktur for forsking

Før jul fekk 22 infrastruktur-prosjekt tilskot frå Forskingsrådet. UiT er partnarar i sju av disse prosjekta, som alle skal gjere det lettare å ta vare på og dele forsking og forskingsdata.


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Karina Standahl Olsen

Scientific head

Associate professor
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst L11.210

Kristin Sørensen

Head of daily operations

Senior engineer
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst L11.209

Kurt Jøran Nyland
Systemutvikler EUTRO
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst U8.237


Nannan Yang
Associate professor
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst L10.127


Morten Rafdal
Head Engineer
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst L11.205


Runa Borgund Barnung
Head Engineer 
Department of Community Medicine
Campus Tromsø
MH øst L10.254