For student mobility, the term student mostly refer to Bachelor and Master-level students. However, some support scheemes are also relevant for PhD-students; f.ex. Erasmus+.
Both academic employees at UiT and researchers, including PhD-Students, administrative and technical staff as well as incoming visitors and guests, are important actors of our international efforts.

Academic mobility refers to students, researchers and staff in higher education moving to another institution inside or outside their own country to study, teach or learn for a limited time (Wikipedia).

Both the institution and each of us may have thresholds that counteracts mobility; we have a joint responsibility for removing these thresholds and prepare for good and rewarding mobility-stays.

Knowledge and experience from other and international academic enviroments and work-situations enrich and widens the academic basis of the home institution, candidates are more attractive at the labour market and institutions may better contribute to community demands for research and education.

Mobility is part of the personal career-planning for students, researchers and staff, and part of the institutional strategic planning for academic development.




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