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Strategy towards 2030

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Here you can find the finished strategy

UiT has started the process of creating a new strategy for the university towards 2030. The new strategy will be adopted by the summer of 2022. 

There are three specific objectives for the strategy process:

  • To be insight driven: Use knowledge and analyses of where UiT is today combined with the major societal needs and challenges of the future
  • To engage and involve: Involve a broad range of people internally and externally through processes that involve innovation and co-creation
  • Based on points 1 and 2, the strategy process will lay the foundation for the direction and prioritising. The strategy will be a management tool and a roadmap for UiT.

The strategy process is divided into four phases. You can read more about the various phases and activities under the timeline below.

Four Focus Areas

The university management wants to have broad involvement and hear many voices during the process. So far the process and the initial discussions have revolved around the four areas in the figure below. 

Challenges and opportunities around us – Which trends will influence us and which challenges/threats should we be aware of?

Ambitions and priority areas – Which ambitions should UiT have? What are the key priority areas?

Strengths and weaknesses with the current strategy – What can we carry over to our new strategy and what do we need from a future management tool?

Values and identity – Do the current values provide a good indication of who we are and/or are there other things that describe us? Who are we in 2030?



Phase 1
This phase focuses on starting the process and identifying key driving forces that provide direction for the university’s development, as well as obtaining information and analyses about the status (evaluation of Developing the High North). This phase will be based on insight and analyses and will continue until the end of November.


Phase 2
The objective of this phase is to identify the key ambitions and priority areas for UiT towards 2030. This phase will be based on input and discussions at internal as well as external arenas. This phase is already well underway through discussions at the Rector’s management gathering in early October, as well as at several other established meeting arenas. Everyone is also invited to provide digital input and feedback via this website.


Arrange open meetings
In January 2022, a series of open meetings will be held at all campuses for employees, students and partners. Analyses of the status, drivers and preliminary assessments of priority areas and ambitions will be presented and there will be opportunities for discussion and to provide feedback.


Phase 3
This phase will start in January after these open meetings. The purpose of this phase is to explore and elaborate on strategic pathways within the various priority areas. During this phase, working groups will be appointed for each priority area. The working groups will submit their reports in March/April.


Phase 4
The objective of this phase will be to concretise and prioritise what has emerged during the process. The draft strategy will be sent out for comment before the final strategy for UiT is adopted in June.


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