Collaboration on internship in higher education

About the project

Is it possible to reach the objective that internships in higher education can be relevant, authentic and sustainable. We think so!

Our ambition is to explore how we can collaborate with professionals and the industry to develop internships as a learning method in education without specific professional affiliation. Practice-based learning should be relevant, increase the quality of the education, and strengthen the learning outcomes for the students.

Our main goal is to gain knowledge about how to develop internships as an effective learning method to create better linkage between the descriptions of the learning outcomes, learning activities and methods of assessment. We will achieve our goal through an active and mutual collaboration between the academic community at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, students, industry partners, organizations, stakeholders, and other relevant partners in the industry and work force.

Specifically, we will develop internships in the bachelor program in fisheries and aquaculture science. We will establish a learning circle where students, partners from the industry, teachers, and the study administration work together. The project will evaluate how internships can be more relevant, increase students’ learning and competence. The project will also test and use new formative assessment methods. We aim to contribute to skills development related to internships in education without a specific professional affiliation.