Collaboration on internship in higher education

Practice-based learning as a method in studies without affiliation to a specific profession

Rita Karlsen of Brødrene Karlsen in Husøy, intern Sigurd Lerengen Grønli
and project manager Bjørn-Petter Finstad. Photo: Randi Karlsen

Internship has been practiced for centuries as a learning method in studies affiliated with specific professions. It has been shown to provide effective learning, despite some challenges and variations. Educations lacking a clear professional direction do not traditionally include internships. However, this practice could be questioned.

Our project Collaboration on internship in higher education aims to develop internships as a part of the BA course «FSK-2040 Sustainable sea food». By focusing on sustainability and clarifying expectations, we will explore:

  • How internships can be relevant, authentic, sustainable and with clear learning outcomes
  • How internships can improve students’ learning and competence
  • Which formative assessment methods are suitable for internships
  • How competence in supervision and mentorship can be improved in collaborative companies

The project is a research and development project funded by HK-DIR (2021-2023) under the program: «Increased work relevance in higher education».