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Guidelines for research ethics

At UiT The Arctic University of Norway approved research ethical norms, as presented in national and international guidelines for research ethics shall be used as a basis to ensure good research practice. Different research areas may have their own ethical challenges, and researchers and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and following the norms within their area. The ethical norms are set out in guidelines made by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees, which can be found here.

UiT has its own ethical guidelines for supervision, which applies to supervision at bachelor, master and PhD-level. The guidelines state that both the supervisor and the student are responsible for carrying out the work with scientific integrity. The supervisor is to impart the student with the basic ethical rules of research relevant to the field and guide the students in research ethical questions related to the student’s work. The student is to acquaint with and adhere to the research ethical norms within the field, and to ask for advice from the supervisor when in doubt.

The National Research Ethics Committees have a resource online called The Research Ethics Library that consists of a various articles regarding research ethical subjects.

Updated: 27.05.2022, updated by: Margit Ramberg
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