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UiT- The Arctic University of Norway's strategy, Drivkraft i nord, provides direction for our professional activities within education, research and innovation. The action plan for innovation concretizes our strategy, and facilitates priorities and activities that shall further develop us as an innovative university. An innovative university is characterized by entrepreneurship and the commercialization of research-based knowledge, and which presupposes civic engagement, diversity and democracy.

The Action plan for innovation and entrepreneurship was adopted by UIT's university board in May 2020.

The secretariat for the implementation of the Action plan is SEFU, a professional group for research and innovation. Steinar M. Paulsen is a group leader.

Contact information:

An interdisciplinary administrative resource group consists of:

  • Øyvind Edvardsen, Jurfak (leader)
  • Jørgen Ytreberg, UMAK
  • Hilde-Gunn Londal, HSL
  • Ståle Liljedal, Helsefak
  • Morten Sætran, BFE
  • Rolf H. Rensaa, IVT
  • Tore Guneriussen, NT-fak.


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